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An allergic response occurs when your immune system makes a mistake and identifies a harmless food, pollen, dust, or bee sting as being dangerous, when it really isn't. Immune system marker cells mark the molecule of, say, pollen, with a flag to alert the attack cells to attack. When the big cannons come around, all sorts of nasty chemicals, (histamines) are released, but there is really nothing to attack, so your healthy cells get the brunt. That's where the swelling, itching, and redness come from. To retrain your immune system, it can help to identify a substance much like the one you are allergic to, but a substance to which your system has an appropriate response. For instance, your immune system may have mistakenly marked out wheat flour as dangerous but it recognizes rice flour as harmless and reacts appropriately towards it. Or you may be allergic to cows milk but not goat's milk. At level, remind your immune cells that they already know how to respond appropriately to substances that are very similar to the mis-marked substances. Let your mind make that reference point before doing your visualization. As in the experiences that follow, have fun with it, too.


An allergy is a mistaken overreaction of the immune system, and it can be retrained. "I had severe allergies to dogs and cats for a number of years, If I went to a home where there were dog hairs or cat hairs, my eyes would get red and itch like crazy. and if I staved very long especially overnight, I would end up gasping for air, barely able to get a breath. An allergist in a course I had taken explained to me that an allergy is an over-response of the immune system where the defender cells go crazy attacking stuff that's really not harmful.' So what actually gets attacked is your own cells. The immune system needs reeducation. "I started doing a one minute per day visualization. I pictured well organized armies of white blood cells 'in my blood. They had the sense to take a rest when needed. I would picture dog dander dropping on them and they would put on walkman tape headsets and start be-bopping to the music, realizing that it was time to rest and take a vacation. "In addition to that one-minute creative thinking, I would use this affirmation each time I meditated, about three times per day: My immune system functions effectively and efficiently against all viruses, harmful bacteria, and all unwanted cells, and appropriately ignores all substances formerly coded as allergens. "My first opportunity to see if it was working was the end of November. I stayed all day at some friends', petting the dog and cat. I must admit that I was actually shocked when I had no itching or redness at all I "The following weekend I visited them and dared to stay the night. My old belief systems were really challenging me, and when I went to bed I could hear myself thinking, 'Just wait till 3 a.m.... you won't be able to breathe!' (I answered, 'CANCEL-CANCEL!!") I did a meditation and used the image of a clock. I turned it forward to each hour of the night and visualized myself breathing freely. I woke up the next morning having slept well, breathing perfectly, with only the slightest itchiness that disappeared immediately The second night was a breeze. "I have had no trouble since then, and I have taught this technique to other that have had the same success with overcoming allergies. Everyone that I have taught so far has had success within 3 to 30 days of doing this one minute per day.


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